here are the upcoming activities:

Tuesday, Oct 23 @ 7PM : Fellowcraft Proficiency, followed by Master Mason Degree practice. Supper at 6:00PM. Open Lodge at 7:00PM.

Wednesday, Oct 24 @ 7PM: District 14 Masters, Wardens and Secretaries Association meeting at the Texas Masonic Retirement Center in Arlington. The meal is served at 6:30 and the meeting will follow. If you would like to meet at the Lodge and carpool, please let us know. We should depart Garland 441 by 5:15PM to get across town and through traffic.

Friday, Oct 26 @ 6:45PM: Mirabeau B. Lamar Award presentation to Homer B. Johnson prior to the Garland vs. South Garland football game, at HBJ Stadium. If you are interested in being on-field during this presentation, you must wear a coat and tie and a plain white apron (either your lambskin apron, or a plain one from the Lodge). Additional details will be forthcoming from Bro. Stuyvesant this week.

Saturday, Oct 27: Scottish Rite 1-Day Reunion. It’s not too late to become at Scottish Rite Mason at the “reduced” rate, before degree fees increase next year.