Reminders/Calendar Updates

I hope you are all staying safe this morning and staying off the roads.

As a reminder, unless you receive notice otherwise, our two EA Degrees WILL go on tonight at 7:00PM, with supper at 6:00PM.
We’re counting on the weather and roads clearing up by then. A few of the Degree parts have been filled, but we are still looking to complete the Degree Teams.

Please remember to bring paper goods for our continued support of the Hope Clinic of Garland. They are always in need of paper towels, toilet paper, tissues, legal pads, printer/copier paper, pens, staples, paperclips, and just about any other paper goods and office supplies a small business needs for day-to-day operations.

The previously announced Saturday EA Degree for Jan 19th has been rescheduled for Tuesday, Jan 22 at 7:00PM, with supper at 6:00PM. Please join us next Tuesday for the third EA of the calendar year.

For those of you who affiliated with Alexander C. Garrett Lodge, they have moved their Stated Meeting to the First Wednesday of each month, beginning in February. Please join us at Garrett Lodge (7119 E. Grand Ave., Dallas–just across Grand from Tenison Park) on Feb 6, 2013 at 7:00PM (6:00PM meal time).