This Week’s Events

Tuesday, 1/29/13 – Instead of our regular Tuesday night Study Club, we’ll be sojourning to Roy Stanley Lodge No. 1367 in Dallas for their January Stated Meeting. Our DDGM Jeffrey K. Haven will be making his official visit that night and Garland 441 will be attending to show our support for him and the Grand Master. Roy Stanley eats at 6:30, so we’ll meet up at Garland 441 parking lot and caravan at approximately 5:45 PM.

Wednesday, 1/30/13 – District 14 Masters Wardens Secretaries Association meeting at Oak Cliff Lodge No. 705. This is the tradition District-wdie meet-the-new-DDGMs meeting. We have traveled to this Lodge before and it’s always a fun evening seeing the Brothers from that Lodge, as well as fraternizing with our Brothers from all around Dallas County. We will caravan from Garland 441 at 5:45 PM.

To those of you who attended the Grand Masters Conference this past Saturday morning, thank you for showing your support of Garland 441 and your Grand Master. Grand Master Walter W. Rogers’ theme this year is Pride, Respect, and Communication, and there was a lot of those three attributes demonstrated Saturday.

Thank You to all that assisted with the Gift of Life Blood Drive at the Culwell Center Saturday and Sunday. We do not have the total units yet, but it was a very successful blood drive. Grand Master Rogers is challenging the Masons of Texas to DOUBLE last year’s Gift of Life blood donations totals, and as always, the Garland Masonic Bodies leads the way!!!