Busy week coming up – Hope to see you

Tuesday Aug. 6th – We have an EA proficiency and a Fellowcraft degree to tend to – afterward we will take 10 minutes to do a final run through of our work for the DDGM’s visit at August Stated Meeting.

Wednesday Aug. 7th – If you are an officer of the Garland Scottish Rite Club – we will be stuffing envelopes at Duck Creek. If you are not an officer of the GSRC it will be AC Garrett’s August Stated Meeting – many of our Brothers are over there helping out, and what a better way to see another Lodge in action

Thursday Aug. 8th – York Rite Stated Meeting – which now will start at 7 PM – look forward to the fellowship with all our York Rite Masons

Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be the Warden’s Retreat for our Jr and Sr Warden

Saturday will be the Committee on Work’s Forum and Exam at Duck Creek – what better opportunity to obtain a new or renew an old certificate – I believe breakfast starts at 7 AM with the exam opening at 8 – another great showcase for all Garland Masons.

Get in where you fit in – look forward to seeing you all.