This week’s schedule

Tonight, September 3rd, we will be treated to a special presentation by Bro. Chris Williams of the Texas Masonic Education and Service Committee. He will talk about the role of Masons in the formation of Texas and the United States.

Afterward we will have a open forum discussion of the problems that face Garland Masonry and how we can go about rectifying those situations. Our objective is creating the strongest Lodge possible by recognizing our membership issues, proactively addressing our financial challenges down the road, and defining what it is that makes a Lodge, and where that happens. We all have ideas, let’s get them on the table so that, over the course of time, they can be vetted and implemented in a positive fashion.

Tomorrow night, September 4th, will be a special evening at AC Garrett for our very own Bro. Tom Beane. Bro. Beane is a Past Master of AC Garrett and will be presenting the Lodge with a Bible that was given to a Brother the year Bro. Beane served as Master (1963/64) – this is a 50 year keepsake that will be placed under glass at AC Garrett for prosperity’s sake.

Look forward to seeing you all there.

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Eric Stuyvesant
Worshipful Master, Garland #441