Schedule for the Upcoming Week


Tuesday, Nov 19 we will be practicing for two upcoming EA degrees the first of which will be conferred on Saturday Nov 23 – the second will be conferred on Tuesday Nov 26. Dinner will be at 6 – Lodge to follow. Many parts are available in these degrees so let me know where you want to work.

Saturday – Nov 23 – Breakfast at 8 AM – Degree at 8:30 Candidate will receive his reading that morning at 7:30. I will confer this degree. Bro. Dan Dancer has asked to be the Senior Deacon, as this a petition on which he was the first line signer. All other parts are available. The following Tuesday dinner will be at 6 PM Lodge will open at 7 PM. Our Junior Past Master has agreed to confer, Affiliated Past Master Doc Waters has agreed to deliver the lecture, and I will be the Senior Deacon. I know Bro. John Green, who is also this petitioner’s first line signer, will be at practice on Tuesday so he can have a role in this degree.

I would especially like to stress to the other Entered Apprentices that you are welcome to and highly encouraged to participate in these degrees. There are places where you can participate that don’t require tons of additional memory work.

Sincerely and Fraternally,