Monday-Some of Tuesday night’s (below) degree team will be having additional floor practice for the EA degree. Come on out if you would like to join us for a time of practice, 7:00pm, no meal.
Tuesday-Entered Apprentice Degree; dinner 6:00pm, degree at 7:00pm.
Thursday-We will be having an informal study group. If you are interested in freshening up on your work, or pursuing an esoteric certificate, please join us.-6:30-no meal.

Thanks to Bob Scarborough’s lady Lena for re-upholstering our Lodge room kneeling pad, it looks fantastic and really compliments our Lodge room. I have placed a suggestion box next to my office door (adjacent to the front foyer). Please use this box to direct any constructive criticism/comments/suggestions my way. You can leave a note either anonymously, or if you would like a return call please state so, with your name and telephone number.

Have a great week,
Keith Dancer
Worshipful Master
Garland Lodge No. 441