[GarlandLodge441] coming up

Good afternoon brothers,

I hope you are enjoying your weekend.  Here is
what we have coming up in the next couple of weeks.

This Tuesday July 18,2017 we will put together an EA
degree team to confer an EA degree. Brother Troy Messick
would like to confer this degree and brother Keese would
like to be the senior deacon. All other positions are open.
All brother’s that would like to be in a degree please plan
on attending and I am sure we can get you in a position.
I would like to practice our degree from opening to closing.

On Tuesday July 25,2017 we will confer this degree. we will
have a light meal on Tuesday July 18 and we will have a full
meal on the 25th. On practice nights please feel free to
dress comfortable in the hot weather. On degree nights i
would like the degree team to dress in coats and ties.

We will have our DDGM visit at the august stated meeting which
will be August 8,2017. On Tuesday August 1,2017 i would like
to practice receiving our DDGM. We will have a light meal
that night and a full meal on the stated meeting night.

Sorry for the long e-mail brothers but i wanted you all to
mark your calendars with these dates and i will send my
weekly emails as well. We have a busy couple of weeks coming
up and i am looking forward to all the good that we do
at our lodge.please feel free to contact me if anyone has
any questions and i will see you brothers Tuesday.

Thank you:
Andy long
WM garland lodge 441

This weeks events


Hopefully all had a great Fourth of July and are ready to return to their normal activities.

Monday, July 6, we will have a practice in the Fellowcraft Degree. Our District Instructor Bro John T. McDonald will be there to pass on instructions and critique at 7:00 pm.

Tuesday, July 7, the Fellowcraft Degree will be conferred on Bro Sam Ojeda. Dinner at 6:00pm, with the degree to follow.

Be there to participate in the degree and lend your support to this brother, as well as enjoying the first dinner prepared by our newly installed Stewards.

Joe Henderson WM

Weeks activities


We will have practice Tuesday evening in the Fellowcraft Degree of at six thirty. Chips and dip will be provided with iced tea. Let’s get the year started and have a degree team beginning to get ready to get our EAs advanced to the second degree in Masonry.

See you Tuesday evening,