[GarlandLodge441] update

Good evening brethren,
Just wanted to update you on brother Cliff Edwards. He is home with
3 new stints and doing well. Will need to rest but he should be good
as new. Also i wanted to remind you about the family day at TMRC on
Saturday. Brian Pittman will be on site around 1pm to start cooking so
if you can come Friday please do. This is a great event so please bring
the family and have a great time.

Andy Long
WM Garland lodge 441

[GarlandLodge441] tuesday

Good afternoon brethren,
We will have our stated meeting on Tuesday October 10,2017.
dinner will be furnished by the eastern star starting at 6pm.
open lodge at 7pm.

Duck creek lodge is having their stated meeting on Monday
10/9/2017 if anyone would like to attend. the DDGM will be
attending this meeting as this is his last stop on his masonic
lodge tours. dinner at 6:30, open lodge at 7pm.

would my officers please wear coat and tie for the stated meeting
at 441. thank you in advance and i hope to see all of you on Tuesday.

Andy long
WM Garland lodge 441

[GarlandLodge441] tuesday

Good evening brethren,
I would like to get together this Tuesday for a
light meal and a floor practice. I would like to go
over our duties in degrees and our duties on the floor.
we have two EA’s coming up pretty quick so the next
degree we will need to be ready for is the fellowcraft.
I hope to see everyone Tuesday.dinner at 6 and practice
shortly after.

Andy long
WM garland lodge 441

[GarlandLodge441] brother brad

I wanted to pass on that our brother Brad billings
lost his papa last week and i wanted all of you to
keep him and his family in your prayers. i don’t know
much about him or what was going on in his life as
far as masonry goes so maybe the next time you see
Brad shake his hand. i just saw this on facebook last
night when i got back to town and wanted to pass it on
to all of you. sorry i am little late in getting this out.

Andy long
WM Garland lodge 441