[GarlandLodge441] brother brad

I wanted to pass on that our brother Brad billings
lost his papa last week and i wanted all of you to
keep him and his family in your prayers. i don’t know
much about him or what was going on in his life as
far as masonry goes so maybe the next time you see
Brad shake his hand. i just saw this on facebook last
night when i got back to town and wanted to pass it on
to all of you. sorry i am little late in getting this out.

Andy long
WM Garland lodge 441

[GarlandLodge441] tuesday

Good afternoon brethren,
i will not be able to hold lodge this Tuesday night as
i will be in Tulsa Oklahoma attending a funeral and will not
be back in time. i have a very dear friend that lost his dad
Friday and we have been family friends for years. i feel it
would be in the family’s interest to attend and pay my respects.
i hope you guys understand. if any of my officers would like
to hold a floor practice session please do in my behalf and if
not i would say we just go dark for that night.

brother bob is doing well and resting at home this week. the
next degree that we will need to get ready for will be a
fellowcraft, so we will need to start putting together a
degree. please let me know if you would like to play a part
in this degree.

please be safe and have a very blessed week.
Andy long
WM garland lodge 441

[GarlandLodge441] tuesday

Good morning brethren,
we will be conferring a master mason degree
Tuesday 9/19/2017.

Dinner at 6pm and then we will
open lodge to hear a fellowcraft proficiency
and then move into the degree.

the degree team will please wear a coat and tie.
here is the degree team as follows:

WM bob scarborough
SD keith dancer
SW troy teel
JW troy messick
JD sam mendez
master of cer.manny galvan
secretary danny thomas
1st ruffian richard linden
2nd ruffian troy messick
3rd ruffian mark clark
1st fellowcraft keith dancer
2nd fellowcraft sam mendez
3rd fellowcraft andy long
lecture tim townson
charge cliff edwards
bible presentation keith dancer/richard linden.
seafaring man joe henderson.

i look forward to seeing every one tonight and lets
be ready to put on a great degree. please feel free to contact
me through out the day if you have any questions.

Andy long
WM garland lodge 441