[GarlandLodge441] practice thursday

Good morning brethren,
If you guys would like to practice our master mason
degree on Thursday at 6:30 i am wide open.
Our goal is to hear the brothers fellowcraft proficiency
and then we will do his master mason’s degree on September
the 19th.
Please respond back to me and let me know you
would like to practice and i will be there.
no meal this night, just practice.
Thank you for your time on this and we will talk soon.

Andy long
WM Garland lodge 441

[GarlandLodge441] tuesday night.

I would like to meet Tuesday night to continue practicing
for our master mason’s degree possibly coming up. we can
practice first and second sections or just the second, I
am open. I would like to meet at 6:30pm and go straight
to practice. Instead of us having a meal i would like each
of us to bring one or two cases of bottled water that will
be taken downtown for the people coming in from Harvey.
I would like to help in any way we can so i hope this works
for you guys. I know I could miss a few meals. I also
spoke with Jason Woods at duck creek and we may be working
on a blood drive to support the the people of Harvey. More
news to come.

Thank you for you attention and
we will see you on Tuesday.

Andy long
WM Garland lodge 441