[GarlandLodge441] monday and tuesday

Good afternoon men,
We will practice our master mason’s degree on Monday 9/18/2017
at 6:30 pm, no meal. we will practice the second section so if
you are in the second section please attend if possible.
We will put on a master mason’s degree on Tuesday 9/19/2017.
Dinner will be at 6 and the degree will began after dinner.
We will hear a fellowcraft proficiency first then we will proceed
to the degree. In the next couple of weeks we will need to start
working on a fellowcraft degree, We have two EA proficiency
coming up.

Thank you for your time brethren and we will see you Monday and Tuesday.

Andy long
WM Garland lodge 441

[GarlandLodge441] tuesday 9/12/2017

Good afternoon brethren,
this Tuesday 9/12/2017 we will have our stated meeting at
Garland lodge 441. Dinner will be served at 6pm and we will
open lodge at 7pm to proceed with our business.
I know we have been busy with our masonic work and our
family work as well but I wanted to say thank you again
to all the brothers in Garland lodge 441 who voted me into
the east. I have enjoyed my short time and look forward to
the balance of my year. This is a great lodge and their is
so much leadership here. I am very proud to serve as your
worshipful master and their is no doubt that Garland
lodge 441. eve is the best lodge in 14c. Every one please
enjoy this great Sunday afternoon and go cowboys.

Andy long
WM garland 441