What Masonry Means to Me, by Bro. Cliff Edwards

What Masonry Means to me, from your Chaplain. I come from a long line of Masonic brothers in my family: my great uncle, two uncles, two cousins, my brother in law, my father in law and last but not least, my Dad. All are Master Masons, some have their Scottish Rite 32nd Degree and some are/were Shriners. When I was raised August 20,1970 at Boston Lodge No. 69, New Boston, Texas, it was the lodge’s custom that if he could afford it a newly raised Master Mason would come to Dallas on a Saturday and go through the Scottish Rite Degrees and also join the Hella Temple Shrine. I did this and then moved to Dallas in 1971. The Masonic Order to me is the Best of the Best. The leaders in the community. The men to look up to. Always striving to be a better person and a good Christian human being. It has been a great honor and privilege to be the Chaplain for Garland Lodge during this Masonic year. I have had a great time so far, especially visiting different lodges. We at Garland 441 are so lucky to have such a great lodge building to do our work in. Also my hat goes off to our Stewards for the great dinners that we have. I am a very lucky man to be a Mason and be associated with Garland 441 and the brotherly love that we have in our lodge. Let’s hope for a healthy and happy 2012.